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Welcome To Million Pound Selfie

Trending #millionpoundselfie For Life Changing Causes

Welcome To Million Pound Selfie


The #millionpoundselfie has been taking the country by storm trending in 25 countries with over 11 thousand users hash tagging their photos with the #miliionpoundselfie with in the first 3 days

The idea is the brainchild of London business man Simon Ford who was approached by a friend looking to raise £30,000 for her mother’s cancer operation that had been refused by the NHS.

Simon says:

“We needed to find a way to help raise money and I wasn’t sure how to accomplish this huge task.

“Then I came up with this idea whilst talking to my friend and thought that this would be a great way to help raise MILLION POUND for many life changing causes.”

Simon launched the project last Friday evening (22/11/14) and within a day had 700 followers.
By Monday morning the number had more than doubled with thousands using the hashtag #millionpoundselfie

Simon continued:

“Many people have been asking me how we will raise money. One example is like influences on Instagram who make up to a a lot of money influencing a brand. #millionpoundselfie becomes the influencer.

Just type in to Facebook Million Pound and bang i bet we pop up in the search, That is how powerful #millionpoundselfie has become.

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