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Trending #millionpoundselfie For Life Changing Causes

#millionpoundselfie #parenting

The look you make when you’re 5 year old is point blank refusing to get ready for school #parenting #millionpoundselfie Too early to deal with this. 😂

#millionpoundselfie My beautiful mum, my angel 💕💕💕

millionpoundselfie My beautiful mum, my angel 💕💕💕

#mentalhealth #millionpoundselfie

I am showing the world what mental health struggles really look like with no filters. This is me after a major meltdown. This is what the world needs to see…this is the face of mental health…it isn’t pretty, but it’s real #millionpoundselfie


Welcome To Million Pound Selfie

The #millionpoundselfie has been taking the country by storm trending in 25 countries with over 11 thousand users hash tagging their photos with the #miliionpoundselfie with in the first 3 days The idea is the brainchild of London business man Simon Ford who was approached by a friend looking to raise £30,000 for her mother’s…
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