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Million Pound Selfie

Raising millions by posting selfies and trending #millionpoundselfie for life changing causes

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Our Facebook Group And Page received over 45 thousand post in it’s first week with 4 thousand joining us on  Facebook alone

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We want to invite you and a Million Selfie’s Lovers to Like our Twitter Page and trend #millionpoundselfie for life changing causes for people who are in need,

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The Million Pound Selfie Story 

The #millionpoundselfie has been taking the country by storm with over 86 thousand users hashtagging their photos with the #millionpoundselfie in two weeks.

Million Pound Selfie is an influencer, Every penny and pound from Million Pound Selfie goes to lots of different life-changing causes. Every penny going to life-changing causes.

The idea is the brainchild of businessman Simon Ford who was inspired to launch Million Pound Selfie by the sad news that he’s Saturday girls mum needed £30,000 for an operation that had been refused by the NHS for her mother’s cancer.

Simon says:

“We needed to find a way to help raise money and I wasn’t sure how to accomplish this huge task.

“Then I came up with this idea whilst talking to my friend and thought that this would be a great way to help raise funds for life-changing causes.”

Simon launched the project Friday evening (22/11/19) and within a day had 700 followers.
By Monday morning the number had more than doubled with thousands using the hashtag.
by the end of its first week, Million Pound Selfie has nearly five thousand followers and over 50 thousand comments, likes, and selfies using the #millionpoundselfie on Million Pound Selfie Facebook Group alone.

Simon continued:

“Many people have been asking me how we will raise money. Million Pound Selfie is the Influencer.

Million Pound Selfie is one of the most trending influencers at the moment. We will inform you of the fundraiser of a life-changing cause for you to donate if you wish. With the power and support influencers have. With influences on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook making thousands of pounds influencing brands and products. With100% of the money raised by Million Pound Selfie all of the money is going to a Life-Changing Cause.

“The power of the internet is a very strange thing”

“With Facebook, 2.8 Billion people use Facebook for free, yet it makes billions of pounds a year.”
“Amazon being the worlds biggest retailer, without having a single shop”
“Uber being the biggest taxi company without owning a taxi”
“The power of the internet is a very strange thing”



Million Pound Selfie Challange

Everyday Million Pound Selfie comes up with different challenges to entertain selfie users by adding #millionpoundselfie plus # what the challenge is.

SnapChat Saturday

Everyone having a blarst with their SnapChat fillters 

Tasty Tuesday

People showing of their lunch with the # of the shop or resturants where they had lunch

Thirsty Thursday

Simply hashtag #millionpoundselfie and what ever drink is in their hand, ie #tea (brand) #(coffee shop)

Wet Wednesday

The particular day million pound selfie choose wet wednesday was because of the rainy day

The Fun Factor


Fun Factor With Thousands Of Amazing Selfies

Pet Selfies Are Amazing

With Hundreds Of Selfies On Our Phone

Trendind Around The World

Selfies With Celebs

With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, Selfies are a major part of our lives where ever you are around the world!!!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The genius idea of raising fund for life-changing causes by simply hashtagging millionpoundselfie and hashtagging the famous brand

Billy Douglas

Your Gym Elm Park

With hundreds of selfies on our phones, It is great to share them with the added challanges Million Pound Selfie set everyday

Lisa Hayes

London, UK

It is crazy how things take off these days with the power of social media and the internet.This mornings #millionpoundselfie #freshouthere with my new Korda Developments LE beanie

Steven Hopkins


Our Team

The Great Team Behind Million Pound Selfie

Simon Ford

Fay Cheal

Dave Curtis

Luke Stocks

Ross Elliot

Francesca Lilleystone

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Selfie Of The Day

Having a chill day with my babies after working really hard the last 2 weeks #millionpoundselfie

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Raising millions by posting selfies and trending #millionpoundselfie for life changing causes

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